Internet Policy

Internet Policy

Coastal Plain Regional Library System
Computer Use Policy
Revised November 2011

As part of its mission to provide access to information for their educational, entertainment and professional needs, the Coastal Plain Regional Library System provides computers for use by its patrons.

Failure to follow library system policies may result in temporary or permanent suspension of computer privileges. The library system has a procedure which allows patrons to appeal complaints regarding computer use, or the library system’s computer policies. Patrons wishing to appeal such suspension should contact the Regional Library Director.

The library system has taken a number of steps to prevent access to materials generally found to be inappropriate for or harmful to minors.   Inappropriate for or harmful to minors is defined as any visual images that are extremely violent, gory or horrific in nature or may be related to sex or bodily functions.   The definition also includes images that are considered obscene as determined by local, state and federal laws, or contain pornography including sex acts or sexually oriented material.  The library system also attempts to prevent access by minors to potentially harmful sites on the Internet; these include such things as e-mail and chat rooms to communicate with strangers.
These steps include the following safeguards:

  1. The parent or legal guardian has sole responsibility for supervising his or her minor child’s Internet activity.
  2. The library system employs Internet filtering software, which is designed to limit inappropriate and potentially harmful content, on all library system computers.  The library system cannot, however, guarantee that the filtering software will block all such material.
  3. The library system makes available information on our web site for parents and legal guardians to educate them about potential harm to children who access the Internet.
  4. The library prohibits the viewing of images defined above as inappropriate for or harmful to minors.

Library Internet computers may not be used to participate in any illegal activity.

The library system is not responsible for Internet materials that are inaccurate, out of date, illegal and possibly offensive.

Patrons assume all liability for violations of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code), which prohibits the reproduction, adaptation, public performance and display of some materials.

Patrons who willfully damage library equipment and software will be held financially responsible.  In addition, they may be liable for criminal or civil penalties under the Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act (Section 16-9-90 of the Georgia Code).
Patrons may not bring outside software to install on library system computers.  Also, computer programs may not be downloaded from the Internet onto library system computers.

The library system assumes no responsibility for damage to disks or flash drives or other losses as a result of computer use.   While the library system constantly strives to maintain its computer system and components, it cannot guarantee all computer equipment and software will be in working condition at all times.

The Coastal Plain Regional Library System reserves the right to regulate use of workstations if necessary in order to ensure equitable access for all patrons. The library provides printers for patrons’ use at a nominal cost.  Computer printouts cost 15 cents per page for every page printed.  Color copiers are available at most library locations.  Costs for color printing vary by location.


Patrons are required to use their own valid PINES cards to access computers. Using someone else’s library card will result in the suspension of computer privileges for both parties with a note indicating such on both patrons’ records. The invalid card will be confiscated. Patron must be able to show their library card, if requested by staff. 

Internet computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The library uses computer monitoring and scheduling software to control computer use. Patrons are only guaranteed one hour per day of computer time to provide maximum access for all patrons.

Computers specifically intended for children and teens will be limited to minors in order to provide appropriate access.

No more than two (2) people may be at a computer at a time except for those in a library   that has Family Use Computers. Adults with small children are encouraged to make use of these machines where available to avoid disturbing other computer users and for the safety of their children.