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  Coastal Plain Regional Library System Book Club 

Welcome to our system wide Book Club event. Each month we will have a  live discussion to discuss the book. There will be a live author event hosted by Baker & Taylor each month.

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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict

"December 1926: England unleashes the largest manhunt in its history. The object of the search is not an escaped convict or a war criminal, but the missing wife of a WWI hero, up-and-coming mystery author Agatha Christie. When her car is found wrecked, empty, and abandoned near a natural spring, the country is in a frenzy. Eleven days later, Agatha reappears, claiming amnesia. She provides no answers for her disappearance. That is...until she writes a very strange book about a missing woman, a murderous husband, and a plan to expose the truth. What role did her unfaithful husband play? And what was he not telling investigators? THE MYSTERY OF MRS. CHRISTIE explores one strong woman's successful endeavor to take her history into her own hands"--Provided by publisher.

We will have a system wide discussion on Monday, April 26th @ 2:00 the meeting link will be provided closer to that date. There is a live author event hosted by Baker & Taylor on April 28th, 2021 @ 7:00 register for that event here. (The registration form asks for Library System, please use: Coastal Plain Regional Library System)

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Shanghai Secrets by Sulari Gentill

In a city full of strangers, be careful whom you trust...

Shanghai, 1935. Black sheep gentleman Rowland Sinclair arrives with his bohemian housemates from Sydney, Australia to explore a new city and take the name Sinclair international with a new class of negotiations. A novice to global commerce, Rowland is under strict instructions from his brother to keep a low profile...but that soon becomes next to impossible. A beautiful Russian taxi girl—who once claimed to be the Princess Anastasia and who danced in Rowly's arms the night before—is found slain in his suite. Out of sympathy for the murdered girl and to clear his name, Rowly and his companions embark upon their own investigation. They soon discover there are many people who may have wanted Alexandra Romanovna dead. As they are drawn deeper into Shanghai society and its underworld, Rowly searches for answers in a strange city determined to ruin him.Exploring the simmering underbelly of Shanghai just years before WWII, Shanghai Secrets is a historical mystery that brings alive an expatriate playground where East and West collide, the stakes are high, and fortunes—and lives—are easily lost.

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