Entrepreneur Academy

Entrepreneur Academy: A Virtual Workshop

We had a great shop. Thank you to everyone that attended. Here is the slide presentation by Elizabeth Ray.


The Coastal Plain Regional Library System invites aspiring and established entrepreneurs to attend three virtual workshops using Google Meet to assist in setting up and getting your business started.

Workshop topics are:

Friday, November 13th 10:00-12:00  Setting Up Your Business for Success: Step-by-step guidance (in plain language) from a business tax expert. A business tax expert will take participants step-by-step through the process of setting up a small business. Participants will also be introduced to the Entrepreneurial Mindset Training resources offered by GPLS. The workshop will also cover other start-up topics like setting up secure payment methods, record keeping, and stress management. *Guest speaker: Elizabeth Ray is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. She owns her own business in Newnan, Georgia. As an enrolled agent, she has been granted unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, and has demonstrated special competence in tax matters. As a small business owner herself, she enjoys working with others to properly set up and advise on tax matters. Before running her own business, Elizabeth worked with local governments for 10 years in economic development as both a public sector and private sector employee to assist with small business growth and community development, visioning and implementation.

Friday, November 20th 10:00-12:00  Marketing Outside Your Circle: How to reach beyond your friends and family for sales and promotion. This workshop will introduce budding entrepreneurs to the vast array of Grow with Google resources available through their local library. A focus will be placed on Primer, promoting the quick, easy-to-understand lessons in the form of an app. Other topics will include best practices in website design, online marketing using paid social media ads and Google Ads, and managing customer feedback.

Tuesday, December 1st 10:00-12:00  From Product to Profit: Pulling it all together and planning for the next step. Representatives from local Chambers of Commerce will share tips on networking in the local community. In this open discussion forum, participants can ask questions, seek advice, and share lessons learned on their entrepreneurial journey.

This opportunity is made possible by a grant awarded to Coastal Plain Regional Library System (CPRLS) by

Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) in partnership with Grow with Google (GwG) and the Public Library Association (PLA).