Entrepreneur Academy

Entrepreneur Academy: A Virtual Workshop

The Coastal Plain Regional Library System invites aspiring and established entrepreneurs to view presentations by Elizabeth Ray. This video presentation was recorded in 2 sessions (3-parts) and printable slides are available.

Setting Up Your Business for Success: Step-by-step guidance (in plain language) from a business tax expert. The videos will also cover other start-up topics like setting up secure payment methods, record keeping, and stress management.

Link to videos on YouTube
Click above to view the video series on YouTube.

Printable versions of the slides used in the video presentations: Session 1       Session 2 Part 1        Session 2 Part 2


Presentation by: Elizabeth Ray - Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. She owns her own business in Newnan, Georgia. As an enrolled agent, she has been granted unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, and has demonstrated special competence in tax matters. As a small business owner herself, she enjoys working with others to properly set up and advise on tax matters. Before running her own business, Elizabeth worked with local governments for 10 years in economic development as both a public sector and private sector employee to assist with small business growth and community development, visioning and implementation.


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