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The Coastal Plain Regional Library System (CPRLS) has eliminated late fines on books, audio CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and music CDs. While patrons are encouraged and expected to continue returning their items by their due dates, being fines free allows breathing room for when life gets in the way.

Under the new fines free policy, patrons that are not able to make it to the library to return their items by the due date can either return or renew them up to 36 days past the due date and accrue no late fines. However, in order to continue providing patrons with resources in a timely manner, the policy does come with stipulations. If items are not returned by 37 days after the due date, the items will be listed as lost, replacement costs will be billed to the account. Accounts that have items returned before being 45 days overdue will see charges cleared. If the items are not returned by 45 days past the due date, the account will be sent to collections and a corresponding processing fee will be charged.
In addition to the fines free policy, CPRLS has also initiated the Clean Slate Project. As a show of the Library Board's commitment to providing access to all community members, patron account balances that were charged prior to January 1st, 2021 will be wiped clean.

CPRLS Library Director Sandy Hester said, “Libraries are community centers and information pathways, opening the doors to a world of possibilities for all. Eliminating overdue fees will break down barriers that keep people from fully using the services that our libraries offer.” By utilizing library services and returning borrowed items on time, you are supporting your community. The Coastal Plain Regional Library System would like to thank you for your continued support and show their gratitude with the fines free policy and the Clean Slate Project.
Fines Free
What does fines free mean?
Late fines will no longer be applied to your account, but you are still responsible for returning everything you borrow. Please do your best to return or renew your items on time, as someone else may be waiting for them. Lost and unreturned items, as well as items returned damaged, will still have fees applied.
What do you mean by mostly fines free?
All CPRLS library branches have eliminated late fines on books, audio CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and music CDs. CPRLS passes and technology will have fines.
Won't people keep items forever without fines?
It’s a common misconception that overdue fines encourage people to return their Library materials on time. The reality is that most patrons return their materials on time because they know it’s the right thing to do! Patrons who borrow materials from the Library understand that the Library is about sharing resources, and they care about returning their materials so other people can use them.
Clean Slate - When will my account be cleared?
All accounts have been cleared. If you have any questions contact your local branch.
Will I receive reminders when my items are due?
Yes. Although these are courtesy reminders and you are responsible in making sure items are either renewed or returned by the due date. Below is a list of reminders.
3 days before the due date, a pre-reminder is sent to accounts with an email address.
10 days after the due date, you receive an email or an automated phone call as a reminder.
30 days after the due date, a notice is sent to the mailing address on your account.
37 days after the due date, items are marked lost. Return items within a week for charges to be removed.
45 days after the due date, the account is sent to collections and a processing fee is charged.
How will I know if my items may have fines?
The receipt given at check will have a notation if the item is subject to fines. Remember an item that does not belong to one of the libraries in Ben Hill, Berrien, Cook, Irwin, Tift or Turner counties will be subject to fines as set by that system.
What should I do with items that I forgot to return or I thought were lost?
Items can be returned in designated areas inside or in the bookdrop.
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