Summer Reading Program 2020

Summer Performances Live on Facebook
Thank you to all of our performers this summer for great shows and working with us to provide our professional performance series to our patrons.
Animal Adventures with Robin Pressley-Keough
Dreamer’s Tales with Yasu Ishida

The Story Ship with Sean Driscoll

Ken Scott

Imagine Your Story


It may have been a different Summer Reading Program but fun times were had by all. Thank you to our Summer Performers and to everyone that participated in the reading challenge using Beanstack. Winners will be notified during the first week of August.

Imagine Your Story
2020 Summer Reading Challenge
May 26th – July 31st
We would like to invite all our patrons to join us as we launch our annual
Summer Reading Program! This year’s theme is “Imagine Your Story”.
All of us have a unique story to tell and there are so many out there to read.
So, let’s get started!

The Summer Reading Program is a FREE and fun program designed to engage all age groups in participating as a community and exploring new ideas, books, and activities. Each year your local library hosts professional performers and offers engaging programming and prize opportunities. And this year is no different! BUT we would like to make an exciting announcement! There is one change this year: all of your reading log needs will be….virtual! Starting this year, in addition to all of the in-house services offered, your local library will run a Summer Reading Challenge hosted by Beanstack!

What Challenges Are Available?

After you register for your Beanstack account, Beanstack will automatically list the challenges available to you by age group so make sure you use an accurate age. By completing the logging goals and/or activities in each challenge, participants earn badges and tickets to enter into prize drawings. The more badges you earn, the more tickets you get. The more tickets you get, the more chances to win! Here are the current challenges available to our participants:

2020 Imagine Your Story – Kids: This challenge is for ages 0-12 years old and logging goals are done by the number of books the child reads.

2020 Imagine Your Story – Teens: This challenge is for ages 12-18 years old and logging goals are earned by how many minutes a teen reads.

2020 Imagine Your Story – Adults: This challenge is for ages 18-109 years old. As with the teen challenge, logging goals are determined by minutes read.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten:  This challenge is for ages 0-5 and can be done in unison with the 2020 Imagine Your Story – Kids Challenge. The “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten” program encourages guardians to spend time sharing books with their little ones while building critical early literacy skills before he or she enters school. Earn badges along the way to getting your completion badge.

How Are Prizes Earned?

Many of the badges that participants can earn use tickets as a reward. These tickets can then be used to enter prize drawings. There are multiple drawings per challenge and participants can decide how many tickets they would like to “spend” on each drawing. For example, if the prizes are a bike, tablet, or gift card, a participant with 10 tickets could use 3 on the bike drawing, 5 on the tablet drawing, and 2 on the gift card drawing. The more tickets you use on a certain drawing, the better your chances are of winning.